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Do I need to floss my child’s teeth? Tips on dental care for children.

If your child has contacts between the teeth, typically the molar teeth then the answer is yes, you do need to floss.

The reason for this is that plaque forms on these smooth surfaces and they are protected from the toothbrush. The enamel in these areas is often very thin and is easily broken down by the plaque acids causing tooth decay.

There are different ways to floss your child’s teeth. You can use regular floss and this method may suit people who are good at using floss themselves. Dr Kylie can help to show you how to position your child to make this easier.

Another way is to use floss holders such as flossettes or other devices available at the supermarket or pharmacy. These are positioned and taken between the teeth and both surfaces in the contact point and are carefully wiped to remove the plaque.

Children with closed contacts and crowding are more at risk of developing cavities due to the number of places that the teeth are touching, thus dental care for children like these is very important as well. Regular flossing (nightly) as part of a good dental routine can help to reduce your child’s risk of cavities on these surfaces.

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