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How do I brush my child’s teeth?

There are several different methods for brushing your child’s teeth but the easiest is to be behind the child with the child facing the same direction as you. For young children you may have them seated on your lap and then brushing the teeth is very much like brushing your own teeth. You may want to lie the child down on the couch with their head on your knee or do it on their bed. As the child gets taller they can stand in front of you on a stool/step, facing away from you again, and you brush the teeth.

Quite often toothbrushing is not the simple task we think it should be and toddlers voice their disapproval to the parents. This can be very difficult right before bed time. It is important that you make sure that the brushing is done. Your toddler is just trying to control the situation the only way they know how- by making a lot of noise. If you give in when this is happening the child will quickly learn that this is how to get out of things and the behaviour will be repeated time and again. It takes a lot more effort to be persistent but the negative behaviour will stop in the end. You cannot cause any damage to your child by ensuring tooth brushing is done properly every night.

In difficult cases it may be necessary for the dentist to show you techniques for two people to help with brushing or alternative strategies depending on your situation.

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