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When is my child old enough to brush alone?

Children are not able to brush their teeth adequately until they are around 8 years of age. Children younger than this struggle to get the brush at all of the correct angles to complete a thorough clean. Of course your invincible 2 year old thinks he/she can brush their own teeth, but can they write their name? No, of course not, and it is simple logic like this that will help you understand. Yes your son/daughter can do some tooth brushing but a grown needs to help to make sure it is done properly.

After initially using a washer in the bath to clean the teeth you can introduce a baby’s toothbrush. It should have soft bristles and a large handle to help your child use it.

We recommend that you then use age specific toothbrushes and these are made by different manufacturers. Do not let your child use an adult toothbrush when they are young as bigger does not mean better. Limit their choice to one designed for their age.

Allow your child some independence by allowing them to brush alone in the morning but make sure their is some assistance at night.

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